Yusuke Shiozawa MD PhD

Yusuke is a Cancer Biologist at Wake Forest University Health Sciences, North Carolina, United States. His primary research focuses on investigating the crosstalk between bone metastatic cancer and sensory nerves in the bone to develop novel treatment strategies to lower cancer-associated deaths, and strategies to improve the quality of life of advanced cancer patients. Healso seeks to provide academic opportunities for all levels of students, and work toward collaboration, sharing of resources, and scholarship. Besides research, he enjoys running, playing soccer, and spending time with his family.

Brett Steineman

Brett is a biomechanical engineer at the Hospital for Special Surgery (New York, NY, USA). His current research combines computational modeling and cadaveric simulation of ankle joint motion to determine specimen-specific loading during activity. Ultimately, this information will be used to design and optimize more robust ankle replacements. Brett is also a strong advocate for open-source software and data sharing. In particular, he is using an open-source platform, OpenSim, to generate models to answer specific research questions and then releasing these models to the public so that other researchers will be able to build upon his work. In his free time, Brett enjoys doing anything outside, such as hiking, biking, playing softball, golfing, and snowboarding. When not reading research articles, he also enjoys reading into various topics of psychology, philosophy, and theology.