Nicolas Bonnet

Nicolas is a senior scientist in bone and join physiology currently based at the Nestlé research center (Lausanne, Switzerland). The focus of his research is on how nutrition and physical activity can impact (1) Bone mass acquisition in infant and children, with the idea that osteoporosis is a pediatric disease, and (2) Bone, cartilage and muscle loss in aging and metabolic disease, with the idea to improve mobility and life quality. He is an avid supporter of connection between scientist coming from different horizon, and founder of the ECTS academy in order to advance bone research – together. Besides science, he love to cook with a nice of wine, and his other passions include strolling in the mountains, swimming in lakes and motorcycling.

Tara Brennan-Speranza

Tara is a teaching and research physiologist at The University of Sydney (Australia). The focus of her research is the physiology and pathophysiology of the musculoskeletal system and therapeutic benefits of hormonal and pharmaceutical interventions into skeletal and metabolic diseases in murine and in vitro models. Her work investigating the endocrine role of osteoblasts in metabolic control has gained international recognition. She is an avid supporter of early career scientists, supervising several PhD and masters students, as well as founding the technical skills-based Sydney Bone Phenotyping Workshop. Besides science, she loves to run, read and travel.

Graziana Colaianni PhD

Graziana is a cellular and molecular biologist currently based at the University of Bari (Bari, Italy). Her research focuses on identifying mechanisms of muscle and bone communication in various physiological and pathological systems, including microgravity and mechanical loading. She has built an international network of collaborators consisting of scientists in Europe and the USA as well as experts in NASA and ESA, among others. She is passionate about motivating and providing support to graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in her direct and indirect research environment. She is member of the ECTS Academy and leads the communication committee task force. During the free time she enjoys travelling and discovering habits and traditions that exist in different countries.

Dounia Hamoudi

Dounia is a PhD student in clinical and biomedical sciences currently based at the Laval University department of Medicine (Quebec, CA). Her research project is mainly oriented towards a common regulatory pathway that links osteoporosis and muscle atrophy or degeneration, specifically the RANK /RANKL/OPG pathway and the development of novel therapeutic strategies that could potentially counter osteoporosis and muscle degeneration in patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, or other forms of bone and muscle disease. She has a special interest in scientific vulgarization and sharing of information through her involvement as a Newsletter director of the Neuroscience axis. Besides science, she enjoys traveling, exploring new places and hiking.

Robert Brommage

Robert is a pharmacologist with an eclectic career involving many aspects of bone research. Recently starting active retirement, he now focuses on osteoporosis therapeutics and rare human genetic skeletal disorders. He has worked in academia, biotech and the food industry, examining bone metabolism in rats, mice and monkeys. His research included positions in 6 US states and 3 European countries. Networking over the years provided numerous positive scientific and social interactions. He enjoys European travel, the history of science, and working on his house.