Aymen I. Idris MSc. PhD.
Founder and first Editor-in-Chief

Aymen is a musculoskeletal pharmacologist currently based at the University of Sheffield (England, UK). The focus of his research is the design and testing of novel anti-inflammatory agents. He is an avid supporter of issues and needs of early-career scientists, and the first chair of the ECTS New Investigator Committee and founder of the ECTS Postdoc Gathering and ECTS New Investigator Seminar. Besides science, he is involved in business activities related to his research, and his other passions include bicycle touring, playing the piano and writing.

“I believe tomorrow’s discoveries will be made by today’s early-career researchers. HubLE is the embodiment of my – and the IFMRS’ - vision of a learning and sharing environment that provides today’s early-career musculoskeletal researchers the tools to share their research and voice their opinion. HubLE editorial committees are exceptionally receptive and give platform to new ideas and perspectives that have scientific merit and presented in streamlined, visual approach that relay the relevant findings in an impactful way.”

Aymen Idris