In a Nutshell

An archive of opinion piece that highlight the findings, significance and implications of a recently published original research article in musculoskeletal research.

VEGFA’s Critical Role in Blood Vessel Formation During Bone Repair is Cell Type and Injury Specific

Tgif1 - a novel regulator of the osteoblast-breast cancer cell crosstalk in bone metastasis

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SLIT3: promoting bone formation by targeting the skeletal endothelium

Who’s the villain in nutritional rickets?

Enhanced Arginase-1 ameliorates arthritic inflammation

In health and disease
– who is who in the bone marrow

Bone mineral density could track from childhood to young adulthood

Vitamin A:
connecting bone
and blood

Low back pain with Modic changes: anti-resorptive treatments may have an effect

Lipocalin 2: a new member of an expanding family of skeleton-derived regulators of energy metabolism

Fatty muscles: The negative effects of ectopic fat on bone health and physical function in older adults