Meet the First Authors

A video series that feature interviews with first authors of original musculoskeletal research articles.

Christina Vrahnas, PhD

Increased autophagy in EphrinB2-deficient osteocytes is associated with elevated secondary mineralization and brittle bone

Christina Møller Andreasen, PhD.

The generation of enlarged eroded pores upon existing intracortical canals is T a major contributor to endocortical trabecularization

Daphney R. Chery, PhD.

Early changes in cartilage pericellular matrix micromechanobiology portend the onset of post-traumatic osteoarthritis

Hoon Kim, Ma

Simulated anterior translation and medial rotation of the talus affect ankle joint contact forces during vertical hopping

Judith Piet, PhD

Marrow aspiration in aged mice: osteogenesis, reduced mechano-adaptation, increased marrow fat

Hollie Allison, PhD

Inhibition of osteoclastogenesis by mechanically stimulated osteoblasts is attenuated during estrogen deficiency

Francesca Tonelli, PhD

Crtap and p3h1 knock out zebrafish support defective collagen chaperoning as the cause of their osteogenesis imperfecta phenotype 

Jessica Hathaway-Schrader, PhD

Specific Commensal Bacterium Critically Regulates Gut Microbiota Osteoimmunomodulatory Actions During Normal Postpubertal Skeletal Growth and Maturation

Nick van Gastel, PhD

Lipid availability determines fate of skeletal progenitor cells via SOX9 

Brian A. Hain, PhD

Zoledronic Acid Improves Muscle Function in Healthy Mice Treated with Chemotherapy 

L. H. Xu, MSc

OCY454 Osteocytes as an in Vitro Cell Model for Bone Remodeling Under Mechanical Loading

Bryant Roberts, PhD

The longitudinal effects of ovariectomy on the morphometric, densitometric and mechanical properties in the murine tibia: A comparison between two mouse strains

Mor Grinstein, PhD

A distinct transition from cell growth to physiological homeostasis in the tendon

Dounia Hamodi, PhD

An anti-RANKL treatment reduces muscle inflammation and dysfunction and strengthens bone in dystrophic mice

Julian Berger, MSc

 Mediation of the Acute Stress Response by the Skeleton 

Ei Ei Hsu Hlaing, MSc

Role of intracellular Ca2+–based mechanotransduction of human periodontal ligament fibroblasts

Claudia Tulotta, PhD

Endogenous Production of IL1B by Breast Cancer Cells Drives Metastasis and Colonization of the Bone Microenvironment

Antony Sorial, MRCS

Effect of timing and duration of statin exposure on risk of hip or knee revision arthroplasty: a population-based cohort study

Ke Ke, PhD

Attenuation of NF‐κB in intestinal epithelial cells is sufficient to mitigate the bone loss comorbidity of experimental mouse colitis

Nicole Hannemann, PhD

Transcription factor Fra-1 targets arginase-1 to enhance macrophage-mediated inflammation in arthritis

Jonathan A Gustafson, PhD

Development and validation of a kinematically-driven discrete element
model of the patellofemoral joint

Martina Rauner, PhD & Ulrike Baschant, PhD

Transferrin receptor 2 controls bone mass and pathological bone formation via BMP and Wnt signalling 

Martina Rauner, PhD & Ulrike Baschant, PhD

Transferrin receptor 2 controls bone mass and pathological bone formation via BMP and Wnt signalling