Meeting Reports

A series of video reports from recent scientific meetings:

ORS 2019 Annual Meeting
2-5 February 2019 • Austin, Texas, USA

Katrina Williams
with Arlyng Gonzalez Vazquez

Jason Ashley 
with Abigail Keever

Erica Wagner
with Shikhar Meta

Nicholas Sant
with Alexander Regner

Karl Lewis
with Antony Sorial

Antony Sorial
with Sherry Liu

Jill M Middendorf
with Rebecca M Irwin

Josh Newberg
with Sara Oliviero

Anoli A Shah
with Joshua Newberg

Anoli A Shah
with Raquib Hasan

Jonathan A Gustafson
with Michael P Smolinski

Vanessa Sherk
with Charles A Schurman

Vanessa Sherk
with Mohsen Sharifi Renani

Ronald Kwon
with Tonia K Tai man

Arlyng Gonzalez Vazquez
with Katrina Williams

Abigail L Keever
with Jason W Ashley

Alexander Regner
with Nicholas Sant

Rebecca M Irwin
with Jill M Middendorf

Joshua Newberg
with Anoli A Shah

Michael P Smolinski
with Jonathan A Gustafson

Ronald Kwon
with Kathryn Howe

Sherry Liu
with Chao Wang

Priscilla M Tjandra
with Melanie E Mendez

Melanie E Mendez
with Priscilla M Tjandra

Sherry Liu
with Mengxi Lv

Lin Han
with Yuheng Vivian Ma

Sherry Liu
with Henry Xu

Lucas Lu
with Yolong Wei

Lucas Lu
with Christina Mei

Joel Boerckel
with Claire Watson