HubLE Methods

Novel and standard laboratory protocols presented in a ‘recipe’ style providing step-by-step descriptions of procedures in musculoskeletal research.

Morphometric parameters in bone analysis by microCT: which to use?

Phil Salmon

Culture of the IDG-SW3 osteocyte cell line

Bethan K Davies & Isabel R Orriss

In vivo micro-computed tomography analysis of the mouse tibia

Enrico Dall’Ara  & Bryant Roberts​

Culture of MLO-A5 and MLO-Y4 osteocyte cell lines

Luke Tattersall & Karan M. Shah

Isolation and culture of primary rodent osteoblasts

Lucie E Bourne &​ Isabel R Orriss

Isolation, generation and culture of bone marrow derived mouse osteoclasts

Silvia Marino & Mattia Capulli​

Assessment of muscle mass and strength in mice

Andrea Bonetto, Daniel C Andersson
and David L Waning

Ex vivo bone-myeloma organ cultures

Adam Ferrari & Jesus Delgado-Calle

Generation of murine

Boya Li & Aymen Idris

Ex vivo micro-computed tomography analysis of mouse trabecular bone

Antonia Sophocleous & Enrico Dall’Ara​

Preclinical models for
in vitro mechanical loading
of bone-derived cells

Robin Michael Delaine-Smith, Behzad Javaheri, Jennifer Helen Edwards, Marisol Vazquez and
Robin Mark Howard Rumney

Models of ex vivo explant cultures: applications
in bone research

Silvia Marino, Katherine Ann Staines,
Genevieve Brown, Rachel Anne Howard-Jones
and Magdalena Adamczyk


Aymen I Idris & Robert van’t Hof

Generation of rodent
and human

Sarah EB Taylor, Mittal Shah
and Isabel R Orriss

Murine models of
breast cancer bone metastasis

Laura E Wright, Penelope D Ottewell, Nadia Rucci, Olivier Peyruchaud, Gabriel M Pagnotti, Antonella Chiechi, Jeroen T Buijs and Julie A Sterling

Big data challenges in bone research: genome-wide association studies and next-generation sequencing

Nerea Alonso, Gavin Lucas and Pirro Hysi

Quantitative analysis of bone and soft tissue by micro-computed tomography: applications to ex vivo and in vivo studies

Graeme M Campbell and Antonia Sophocleous

Generation and culture
of osteoclasts

Silvia Marino, John G Logan, David Mellis
and Mattia Capulli

Preclinical mouse models of osteosarcoma

Ozge Uluckan, Aude Segaliny, Sander Botter,
Janice M Santiago and Anthony J Mutsaers

Confocal/two-photon microscopy in studying colonisation of cancer cells in bone using xenograft mouse models

Gloria Allocca, Anjali P Kusumbe, Saravana K Ramasamy and Ning Wang

Rodent models of osteoporosis

Antonia Sophocleous
and Aymen I Idris

Preclinical animal models of multiple myeloma

Seint T Lwin, Claire M Edwards
and Rebecca Silbermann

Mouse models for studying prostate cancer bone metastasis

Jinlu Dai, Janine Hensel, Ning Wang, Marianna Kruithof-de Julio and Yusuke Shiozawa

Osteocyte isolation
and culture methods

Karan M Shah, Matt M Stern, Amber R Stern, Janak L Pathak, Nathalie Bravenboer & Astrid D Bakker​