We should put more efforts to support and engage with trainees from emerging and developing countries

To use in silico modeling, and specifically an agent-based multiphysics model, to assist in the design of clinical trials, and test hypotheses as to bone mechanobiology

To test if inhibition of NF-κB at the level of TRAF6 reduces the aggressive behaviour of breast cancer cell in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo

To apply omics analysis into the bone and mineral research field for bone development

Cartilage glycosaminoglycans

Cartilage glycosaminoglycans

Safranin-O staining of glycosaminoglycan (pink/red) in bovine cartilage after chondroitinase ABC treatment. Top: native (A), and chondroitinase ABC-treated (B) meniscal cartilage; Bottom: native (C), and chondroitinase ABC-treated (D) articular cartilage.

Manula Rathnayake

Manula S. B. Rathnayake

The University of Melbourne, Australia

Kathryn S. Stok

The University of Melbourne, Australia

3D analysis of the proximal femur compared to 2D analysis for hip fracture risk prediction in a clinical population

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